Low Voltage Lighting Cable

Low Voltage Lighting Cable


Regency’s Low Voltage Lighting Cable is manufactured for the purpose of direct burial landscape and lighting applications.

Conductor construction is soft drawn bare copper meeting the requirements of ASTM Specification B-3 and B-8. All gauges have stranded conductors. The insulation is a high quality polyvinylchloride (PVC) for conductor temperatures up to 60 C. The Low Voltage Lighting Cable is a recognized component of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc and is sunlight resistant.


Suitable for use in direct burial landscaping and lighting applications.


Conductor: Soft drawn bare copper (ASTM Spec. B-3). Stranded (18 awg thru 8 awg)

Insulation: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

Temperature: 60 C

Voltage: 30 V

Size (AWG) Stranding Insulation Thickness Copper Weight (per mft)
18 16 0.045 10.04
16 26 0.045 15.95
14 41 0.045 24.48
12 65 0.045 41
10 105 0.045 64
8 165 0.06 101.94